I had the pleasure of working and collaborating on many projects at Seaich. I started in November 2021 as part of the great Seaich reboot. Seaich had just come under new ownership and the new owner was very ambitious and eager to see sales skyrocker. We hit the ground running, and by April 2021, we were so busy that I hired another graphic designer to keep up with the workload. This was the beginning of my transition from Principal Graphic Designer to Creative Director at Seaich. In June 2021 we hired another graphic designer and then another graphic designer in October 2021. The period between 2021 and June of 2022 was very prolific with many projects running consecutively that had ambitious deadlines.
Brand Identity
Working for Seaich was a great experience getting to create and direct many projects for the Seaich brand and all of the brands that fall under the Seaich umbrella such as Mucky Wear, Spacerails and a Waimea Bay (a new line of inflatable paddleboards and accessories). When I first started at Seaich, we didn't even have a good logo, so this was really the first step in building the brand identity for Seaich. I had a vision from the beginning that Seaich should have a very clean, simple design.

Initial drafts of Seaich logo. As you can see, I first started out with this simple, more linear "S" in the negative space for the red circle. I love the red, black and white combination and really wanted Seaich to have a strong presence with the black and white contrast and the bright red.

Final versions of Seaich logo. The "S" with the more organic, flowing shape that really appealed to the owner. The "EST 1929" wasn't strong enough initially so I made it larger, bolder and more prominent so that it wouldn't get lost so easily at smaller scales. I also increased the strength of the text for "Corporation" so that it would blend with "SEAICH".

Above are the CMYK and RGB Color values established for the logo for print and web format. All the files were created as vector art in Adobe Illustrator.

Once the logo was complete, final artwork was sent to the sign makers for them to construct a large, nifty sign. The day finally arrived in December of 2020 when they installed the Seaich/Gentox (Gentox is the sister company to Seaich) sign to the building for the offices. The sign was approximately 5 feet tall by 20 feet wide.


Current website as of August 22, 2022. Click image to visit new site.

Old website. Click image to visit old site.

The second phase in the relaunch of Seaich, was to update and repurpose the Seaich website and Seaich catalogs. When I first started at Seaich, the website needed a serious make over and the catalogs and portfolio were pretty much nonexistent. There were no rep resources and hardly any marketing materials to promote Seaich. The original site was "seaichint.com" which was an abbreviation of "Seaich International. I had decided along with the product development team to change the domain name to "seaich.com" instead for consistent branding, optimized SEO and generally easier user experience. I also changed the navigation so that it only shows the hamburger menu in mobile format.
Catalogs / Marketing Materials

Current catalog lineup as of August 22, 2022. Click on image to view public catalogs on the Seaich website.

Along with revamping the Seaich website, the other major project was to create all of the catalogs and marketing materials. Initially, we only had two brands under Seaich: Mucky Wear and Spacerail. I was also tasked with creating a portfolio to show the growth of Seaich over a period of a few years. It took me about two weeks to create the Mucky Wear and Spacerail catalog and another week to create the portfolio. 2021 saw a rapid expansion with many new products added to Seaich including bikes, portable pools, swim tubes and other swimming accessories, sprinklers, bounce houses, inflatable hot tubs, space heaters, snow shovels, snow sleds and snow tubes. The end of 2021 marked the beginnings of a new brand of inflatable paddle boards and kayaks, aptly named Waimea Bay, which was trademarked in early 2022. A partnership between Seaich and MeSkin (a line of skin care products based in South Korea) was also formed in early 2022.

Double-sided drop shipping pool displays

The owner of Seaich came up with a fun, unique solution to offer these displays to Walmart store managers to see Seaich pools to the customer. The main reason for this is so that the stores wouldn't have to keep inventory of such a large project. Ultimately, shipping was too expensive to drop ship so the idea wasn't really financially feasible, but the displays were really cool.
For the Sam's Club Roadshow we created this 4-pallet Spacerail display. There were two versions of the displays, one version was for levels 4 through 7. The other version of the display was for levels 6 through 9. This image shows the 4 through 7 display with level 4 shown on the right and level 7 shown on the left. All displays started with the lowest level on the right and side and level numbers increased moving counterclockwise through the display.

The display was a huge sucess and we sold a lot of Spacerails across 4 stores. One of the biggest contributors to the success of the displays was the video at the top that played on a loop. Since the Spacerail is a pretty complicated

I created this Mucky Wear prototype for our sales reps to pitch to store managers. This was a fun process.
I went down Walmart and took all of the pictures and did some heavy Photoshop work to get this result.

Many of the store managers requested an endcap version of the Mucky Wear display.

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